Amanda’s back and challenges with cabling on the back of your work

As I wrote in my previous post in Swatching for Amanda, I altered the design of the back to give a bit more continuity to the pattern.  This triggered one problem that I knew about as I swatched and one that I found out right after I started on the back.

1. Gotta look at the patterns more carefully


Oh boy! Was I happy with my swatch! ;)

Even now, when I look at the swatch, it’s actually hard to tell but was really pronounced as I started work on the full back.  The error was in the fact that I misread the pattern from the book I was using.


Kazekobo’s Favorite Patterns 200, page 68 & 70

This is the pattern from the book above, and if you look really closely, you will be able to see that the cross over cables in the diamond are actually purls not knits like I have marked in the original design.


See that tiny line under the cable cross? Yes, that’s a purl indicator

I should have known something was up since the diamonds in the original pattern also had the back stitches flow into purls.  Whether it was going to the outside or the inside of the diamond, the next stitch was always a purl.  Knowing that, and since I also added a double moss stitch in the inside of the diamond itself, some of the bottom cables had to have a knit purl or purl knit back combo.

Confusing right? The answer was to show the stitches better on the diagram. Click to see a closeup.


The color coding really helped in working the pattern, but now to the second issue.

2. Working patterns on the back of the work is slow

When I altered the pattern for this sweater, I didn’t want to change it too much that it wasn’t recognizable as the Amanda it is.  Having 16 stitches to work with and 20 rows, it was challenging to come up with something that would fit and create a balance between the already significant diamonds.  So as I added this pattern, I didn’t realize that having the new diamond offset the way it is, it would mean that the whole pattern would need to be executed on the back side of the work.  What do I mean by that? Well, all cables are actually done from the back.  So where you see a knit knit CN knit knit, it’s actually purl purl CN purl purl.

As I was knitting the back, it wasn’t a huge challenge but it was slow and I had to be careful.  No careless knitting here!

On to the progress

After working out the kinks, the back knitted up quite quickly.


Half way there! So I think…

I decided to add an extra diamond pattern to lengthen the sweater by 2 1/2 inches.

2015-03-06 12.08.02

Comparing the back to my shortest sweater… two more diamonds are needed.

Got distracted and needed to frog back on the center cable.

2015-03-07 09.08.25

I don’t have dpns so the ends of my cables will have to do! :)


2015-03-08 10.16.20

All done and united with the sleeves.

On to the fronts now…

Question: Have you ever done cables from the back of the work?

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