Decreasing the yoke and ssk vs k2tog

I started on the yoke last night and about 8 rows into the decreases I realized that I was angling them the wrong way.  The instructions only specify a k2tog before and after the central purl stitch which gives and uneven look.

k2tog on both sides

Um… not what I was looking for.  I think most knitters opted for the version below with the pronounced decrease line.  Makes sense since the honeycomb doesn’t really come together in the design.

Version 1: Visible line of decreases

Just for kicks, I wanted to see what it would look like to angle the decreases the opposite way.  The result was really seamless, and would work really well if the honeycomb came together better.

Version 2: Blended line of decreases

In the end, I opted to go through and  drop all version 2 decreases and substitute to match version 1.

Question: Do most patterns include more detailed instructions on which decreases to use?

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