Amanda finished! Fashion pics and mods list

Finally done! With a beautiful day I was able to wear my Amanda.  Dare I say it’s almost getting too warm to wear her?

2015-04-19 11.42.42

Front view

Amanda side and front view

Side & front view


Pattern: Amanda from Essentially Feminine Knits: 25 Must-Have Chic Designs
By: Lene Holme Samsøe
Size: L with M mods
Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca in Light Gray
Quantity: 7 skeins

Features & Modifications

  1. Long tail cast on and left enough tail to seam the whole piece
  2. After cast on I start with WS to give the knit appearance to the edge
  3. Team Seam vs Team Seamless… I <3 to seam… that one was easy
  4. Lengthened the sleeves to 20″ and redistributed the increases
  5. Started the sleeve with the M cuff width
  6. Learned how to cable without a cable needle
  7. Altered the back pattern and added an extra diamond repeat for a longer body
  8. Made the button band as designed – was a bit worried as both the bands turned outwards – but it was remedied by blocking (phew!)
  9. Omitted the button in the bottom band and in the collar
  10. Sewed the yoke like Karen suggested
  11. Wooden buttons from my local store in Port Moody, BC
  12. Added a shank and a backing button

Construction posts

  1. Swatching for Amanda
  2. Sleeves – see how I created a chart to modify my sleeves and keep track of where I am at
  3. Back – find out how I created the altered chart on the back
  4. Yoke woes and seaming before continuing
  5. My mistake – redoing my yoke decreases

More pictures & close ups

2015-04-16 09.19.24


2015-04-16 09.20.56


2015-04-16 09.19.43


2015-03-22 16.42.14


2015-03-31 18.21.23

Button band

2015-04-04 10.18.36


2015-04-04 10.48.29

Drying (carefully watched over by Debbie)

What do you think? Would you knit this cardigan?

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