Decreasing the yoke and ssk vs k2tog

I started on the yoke last night and about 8 rows into the decreases I realized that I was angling them the wrong way.  The instructions only specify a k2tog before and after the central purl stitch which gives and uneven look.

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An argument for sewing your Amanda before continuing with the yoke

I finally got to the glorious moment of finishing all the parts before the join. Once all the parts were on the needles, it was pretty awkward to continue.  To solve the problem, I sewed all the seams together to bring the garment to a cohesive unit .  But why?

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Sleeves for Amanda and charting your plan

I am a visual person. Therefore, anytime I start something new, I like to have a visual representation of the final object and how I am going to get there.  A map, a diagram, a blueprint, they are all works of art all to themselves. Since I was planning on doing a few adjustments to the pattern, I wanted to document my thought process, sizes, increases, calculations and to have a running checklist of where I am at.   The point is to create one sheet of paper that tells me all I need to know about a given piece of knitting, in this case, a sleeve by creating a reference guide.

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